My first experience with FreeBSD

After reading a post on ITFOSS, i decide to try a “new” OS – FreeBSD.  It is not a linux distro, and what I want to found is a new flavour. And here is what I feel:

  • Free BSD is not packaged with a desktop environment by default, we start with a command line UI, so it is not really easy for a dummy user.
  • There is very most software (most of free and opensource  softwares) and they seem quite up to date, but we do not have a software center like what in Ubuntu. You can easily install software in FreeBSD using pkg command. You can find list of them at
  • I think FreeBSD is suitable for server than a desktop. As a desktop OS, it is good for an experienced user and who want to find an stable OS, not for people who why to find a lot of new features.
  • After install a destop environment (I use gnome3), below is what I have, do you feel it is familiar 🙂

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